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You Are More Than an Eating Disorder

New River Wellness Center treats addiction and eating-disorders as co-occurring illnesses in both men and women. We do this because we strive to help our clients reach a full state of recovery. What is an eating disorder? Most of us are in denial about what is wrong. When we are in denial, we are also […]

International Women’s Day 2018

Women face unique barriers in getting help from addiction and alcoholism. There is a stigma that women, especially mothers, “should be stronger than that.” When these standards are not met, shame is created. It leads women to believe that they are bad women or mothers. Shame leaves a deep wound that needs to heal. The homemaker […]

Mindfulness & Recovery

Addiction creates a complex disconnection between the mind and body. It separates us from our emotions and inhibits destructive thought patterns such as dishonesty, self-deprecation, resentment and so on. We become addicted to substances that help us cope or escape our problems. The problem gets out of hand and then we find ourselves unable to […]

Limiting Beliefs That We Must Let Go

  The only real obstacle that stands in the way of our freedom and happiness is ourselves. Through active addiction we try to achieve satisfaction, considering our circumstances. We fabricate a reality and stay stuck on a negative perspective of our experience. We cannot see beyond the judgment which we have clothed our lives in […]

What is Sobriety?

The word sobriety is heavy with expectations that many find difficult. Sobriety is first, and foremost, a choice people make. At one point or another, people choose sobriety to save themselves from the suffering caused by addiction. Many people get defensive when the idea is brought up. Those who suffer from alcohol and addiction cannot bear […]

Fate or Free-will

  Most of us struggle with the idea of choice and destiny. These conversations can melt into a controversy about whether we have free-will to create our own lives, or that we are predestined to live a life that has already been decided. Whatever side you may find yourself on, there is something that both […]