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For those who are looking for a women’s drug & alcohol rehab facility to help them break the cycle of addiction, finding a facility that is able to provide the counseling and therapy while being able meet their unique needs is of utmost importance. This is especially true for women who are seeking drug and alcohol treatment. What works for men in treatment doesn’t always work for women, so it is important to find a women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that provides the necessary programming that will help them recover from substance abuse while providing an empowering environment to grow and gain confidence in their newfound sobriety. If you are a woman who is looking for quality drug rehabilitation that is delivered in a safe and nurturing environment, New River Wellness Center is the clear choice.

How We Can Help Women Recover from Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New River Wellness Center is the premier women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility in south Florida. The experienced staff at New River Wellness understands that women who are seeking recovery face many unique and gender-specific challenges. To help minimize those barriers, we employ both traditional and holistic approaches in the treatment of substance abuse that helps women truly recover from addiction in mind, body and spirit. We are able to provide a wide range of women’s drug treatment services in an environment that is both inviting and non-judgmental.

To further meet the unique and specific needs of each client, our clinical and treatment staff are able to create individual treatment plans that are based on each client’s strengths and weaknesses. This individualized and client-centered treatment approach allows women to heal, grow and become empowered and confident in recovery. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in women’s substance abuse treatment so that women can regain their dignity, respect, and autonomy.  

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A Full Continuum of Care at Our Women’s Drug & Alcohol Rehab

While many women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities provide their clients with counseling, therapy and programming, the experienced staff at New River Wellness takes an innovative approach to women’s drug treatment. They employ a drug and alcohol treatment model that offers all women a full continuum of care throughout their entire treatment stay. Our staff is comprised of top professionals in the field of addiction treatment and includes psychiatrists, clinical therapists, behavioral health specialists, women's drug & alcohol rehabdietitians among other health and holistic professionals.

This comprehensive care plan includes intervention services, onsite medical detoxification services, partial hospitalization services, outpatient services as well as alumni programs in which past graduates act as mentors for those currently in treatment.  Our treatment philosophy considers women as a whole and helps them draw from their inner strength and experience in order to help them develop a new identity as a recovering person to give them the best chance for long-term sobriety. This full range of care, along with our counseling and therapy programs, are evidence-based and focus on overall healing.

Our Women’s Dual Diagnosis & Addiction Treatment Program

As a premier women’s drug and alcohol rehab center, New River Wellness Center offers a wide range of treatment programming that helps women overcome their substance abuse issues and start a new health-centered life. First, we offer women a drug and alcohol detox program that will help minimize the physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal. Our detox services are staffed by licensed and experienced medical staff that will also evaluate each patient for any co-occurring mental issues that may be at the root of their addiction problems. Once the client is medically and psychologically stable, they will enter the women’s drug and alcohol addiction program where clients will participate in group therapy, individual counseling, and take part in holistic treatment methods such as acupuncture, message and yoga.

New River Wellness Center also offers dual diagnosis treatment as well as PTSD and trauma treatment services. Many of those who suffer from drug & alcohol addiction also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder, or have been significantly affected by past events that have shaped their lives. With these services, staff can help clients work through those issues so they can have a better chance at long-term recovery. Additionally, New River Wellness Center offers treatment and programming for those women affected by eating disorders. Our eating disorder treatment program stands out because it is one of the few women’s addiction treatment centers in the country to treat eating disorders in addition to co-occurring disorders, and substance abuse.

Our patients are involved in various types of therapy:

You can always expect friendly interactions with our staff during your stay, and when you call or visit.Group, Individual, and Family Counseling • Life Skills Training • Massage, Yoga, Meditation, & Acupuncture • Nutrition & Fitness Advising, and more.

New River Wellness Center

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease which slowly destroys the lives of addicts and their families. If you are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and are in need of a quality women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that focuses on support and empowerment, make a call to New River Wellness Center today. We provide a myriad of traditional and holistic treatment approaches that are evidence-based and highly effective in the treatment of a myriad of addictions. New River Wellness Center is committed to the recovery of women of all ages and backgrounds.

Our staff members are highly-trained, experienced in the addiction treatment field and come from a variety of medical and psychiatric backgrounds. We employ these professionals so that we can provide consistent medical care and drug treatment services from the beginning of the treatment process to its completion. By keeping all of our services under one roof, we are able to constantly evaluate and monitor all clients throughout the treatment process.

If you are ready to experience total recovery of the mind, body and spirit, call New River Wellness Center today  at 1-877-697-3268 and speak to one of our representatives. When searching for a women’s drug addiction treatment that is highly effective and individually tailored to meet your specific needs, New River Wellness Center stands above the rest.

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